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Bonus – if you subscribe to the iPhone class, you will receive a pdf with your iPhone camera settings.

An opportunity to shoot like a Pro with your Smartphone

If you purchased a smartphone with a great camera, but your pictures are not exceeding your expectations, maybe the problem is not your device! 

In the Smart Photographers workshop, you will learn the Basics of photography and the variety of options for your camera. 

The online workshop will be available to you 24/7, anywhere, and any time for the next two years from your purchase. 


A class on the use of light in professional photography is now offered for free

So, What will learn at Smart-Photographers?

Camera Settings




Exposure Triangle

Organizing and editing

iPhone secrets

Creative photography

אודי מוצני שירותי צילום - אתר - משפחות-1737.jpg

Special price of 49.99

instead of 99.99$


Why Take This Course

Enroll and Explore the immense capabilities of your iPhone camera and make efficient use of the features to produce unique images.

You spent so much money on a smartphone with a good camera, you owe it to yourself to get to it better

Are you frustrated with your photos? You shoot a lot of pics just to (hopefully) get a good one? No more!

Because Photography is so much fun!

Meet Your Course Instructors


Photographer Udi Monzi

Hey there, I am Udi Monzi, 41 years old, father, of two daughters. Photography has always been my passion, and for me, it feels like what I meant to do in this world. After years of working as an insurance agent, there came a point where I decided to stop everything, in mid-life, and fulfill a dream I had dreamed of, for many years. I live and breathe photography. Photography for me is like oxygen. Not that I can not do without it, but that photography is simply an integral part of me. When I'm with the camera I feel I can fulfill my mission and do the thing I do best, take pictures. 

Instructor Sarit Brown

Sarit Brown, originally from Canada, now resides in Jerusalem with her photographer husband (not Udi ☺️) and her baby son. She is a professional performer and has a passion for teaching. 
She and her husband have worked on many projects together and this has given her a window into the world of photography.
She is excited to pass on her acquired education to anyone who is looking to enjoy the art of photography and to upgrade their skills!


My friend bought this for me as a Christmas gift. I love it so much. It really improved my understanding of my Smartphone and it helped me take videos and pictures so much better.

Dylan morran


  • Who needs this class?
    Beginner photographers, parents, independent(freelance) and business owners, gift for a friend/Family, YouTubers/Instagrammers, publicity guys, and any iPhone user.
  • How long is the course?
    This course is about 80 minutes long
  • What kind of smartphone does it fit for?
    All kind of phones. iPhone/Android.
  • What do I hope to gain after the course?
    You'd be able to effectively and efficiently use your Smartphone camera to produce awesome images.
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